Walking Away the Weight

Having to take a step forward and following it up with another step forward does not seem like a lot. However trying doing that 10,000 times in a day and you may end up  looking at walking a little differently. That is the recommended amount of steps that you should be taking in a day. The average person walks around 5000-7000 steps in a day. This is a generalization as there are many factors that affect how many steps you make in a day. The type of job you have, the time of day, the weather, and your current fitness level.

Walking can be fun turn it into a game, set a high score and try and break it the next day. Reward yourself and keep playing. By going to a run, or even a sustained walk for 60 minutes is enough to reach the 10,000 mark. Coincidentally the Canadian physical activity guide recommend 1 hour of moderate activity a day, walking counts and it can make the difference.

Where do you rank

1) Steps<5000 steps/day sedentary.

2) Steps= 5,000-7,499 steps/day low active.

3) Steps= 7,500-9000 steps/day, somewhat active.

4) Steps 10,000-12,499 steps/day active.

5)>12,500 steps/day highly active.

If you are serious about losing weight, becoming toning, and feeling health then you may want to consider walking more. On its own it is not enough to reach your goal, however every little thing you do adds up.

Finding the Time

Your Job

Having a desk job that is very stationary may have you asking how will I find the time to walk that much. Taking the stairs, rather than the elevator, walking to work or getting up to walk around when you take a break. Be create, there are always ways to increase the amount of steps you take.

The day

You may have more times on weekends then weekdays. If you just cannot manage 10,000 steps in a day, think of it as a weekly tally. Walk 70,000 steps a week, if that means walking extra on the weekend then go for it.

The Weather

It may be raining, or it may be cold and snowing. Walk outside if you are a trooper, otherwise walk indoors, just because you are inside does not mean that you have to be inactive.

Fitness Level

There is a trend between people with a high BMI and a low amount of steps in the day. Figure out how many steps you currently make, and then make add more steps each day (even 100), eventually you will double the amount of steps you make.

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