The Rake your New Best Friend

The Rake Workout

The month of October is a very critical month. It will foreshadow your activity during the next 6 months. By being active in October you are more likely to be active later on. October is such a colourful month, reds, yellows, and oranges. As leafs fall and pile up you have to rake them up. Rather than getting someone else to do it you should do it. Assuming you weigh 150 pounds, and you walk at a moderate speed you will burn 224 calories in an hour. However if you were to a rake leafs how many calories would you think you would burn? More or less then walking? The answer is more! An hour of raking will burn 292 calories.

Get outside and rake the leafs, it will count towards your exercise for the day, in fact if that is all you do in a day then that’s great! Grab a rake, and make it your best friend, soon you will have to say goodbye to your new best friend in exchange for your other best friend…the snow shovel.

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