The Trainer Guys Personal Workout X

This is the workout that I did today.

This is a upper body workout.

Time to Complete: 1 hour 30 minutes

Resitance Training(40 minutes)

Bicep Hold Out

Tricep Kickback

Shoulder Rear Raise

Back Pull One Hand

Chest Press and Twist

Bicep Curl Out

Tricep Overhead

Shoulder Front Hammer

Chest Fly Twist

Around the World

Core(20 minutes)

Side Plank

Leg Climber


Leg hold out feet over

Flexiblity Training(10 Minutes)

Hamstring Stretch

Quad Stretch

Groin Stretch

Bicep Stretch

Tricep Stretch

Shoulder Stretch

Chest Stretch

Back Stretch

Cobra Stretch

Downward Dog Stretch

Cardiovascular Training(20 Minutes)


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