Are You Working Out Correctly?

Every Successful workout requires 4 things, being safe, being effective, being efficient and having it all be enjoyable.

Am I being safe?

It is important to follow proper form when doing an exercise, using momentum means that you are cheating your results, you’re the one doing the exercise not gravity! Not only is bad form not helping you reach your goal, you are putting yourself in danger of hurting yourself! Be safe take your time with the rep, and use controlled motions to complete the exercise.

Is my workout effective?

Are you feeling sore then next day in the muscle group you trained? If not you may not be lifting the right weight, lifting weights just to lift weights may help you stay at the level of fitness you are at, but you will never progress forward towards your goal.

Is my workout efficient?

There is only so much time in the day, and you may only be able to commit to 1 hour or 30 minutes. Make the most of your time! You are exercising to exercise, not to socialize, finish your workout and then spend your time as you would like. Make sure your taking the right amount of rest time in between sets that you require.

Is my workout enjoyable?

Just like anything in life, if you enjoy doing it you will continue to do it, and make it a essential part of your life. Get out of the mind set of dreading exercise, find ways to make it fun. Do an exercise you enjoy doing, followed by an exercise that you do not. Sandwich the ones you do not like with ones that you do.

If you are having trouble with any of these or your workouts aren’t working for you, maybe it is time to try a Personal Trainer!

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