What’s Your Personality?

Figuring out your personality and how it affects how you handle life.

While a letter can’t define your entire person, determining whether you have a type A or B personality helps you make sense of yourself. It can also help others better understand why you act the way you do. So what kind of personality are you carrying around with you every day?
Read on to find out.

Type A

If you’re a type A personality, you thrive on timeliness. You know when you need to be where and will stop at nothing to get there on time. As a result, you can be a little bit high strung and can get frustrated when other people don’t stick to deadline with the same veracity as you. But you’re not just all about time management. You’re also into perfection. And while much of the world applauds your insatiable attention to detail, it doesn’t always come out in nice ways.

Some of the negative ways your perfection and need to be timely show itself is when you scream a string of curse words when traffic keeps you from getting somewhere on time. Then there is your seeming inability to say no to anything. After all, why would you say no when you can do everything so well and someone else may mess it up? Finally, your overly competitive spirit may help you get ahead at work, but it puts you a couple steps back when it causes you to yell at your coworkers during a teambuilding exercise.

Type B

Almost the exact opposite of type A personalities, type B personalities exude a laid-back, life-is-beautiful vibe. Whereas your type A counterparts always have to be on the move, you enjoy the good things in life – including doing absolutely nothing on a beautiful day. However, this more relaxed approach doesn’t mean you don’t get things done.

Instead, it just means you don’t worry about the things you have to get done. You take your time and complete your tasks well, though it may often take you until the very last minute. Additionally, it’s virtually impossible to get you angry, and while you enjoy a good game here and there, you’re not set on winning at any cost. You’d rather let the type A folks win. And when they do get the victory, you don’t get upset. Quite the opposite. You’re glad to see them enjoying their victories.

The Combo

Don’t feel that you fit neatly into either category? You’re not alone. Actually, many people display different personality traits depending on the environment in which they may find themselves. Hence why you’re very task-oriented and down to business when at work (type A personality) and enjoy laying around the house at night, while a pile of dishes fill the kitchen sink and unread newspapers go from a small pile to a large heap in your living room (type B personality).

Applied Knowledge

Now that you know your personality type, you may be wondering why it matters what type of personality you have. Years ago, research found that individuals who were type A personalities were more likely to wind up with heart disease. This is due largely to the great stress type A folks put on themselves. Since type B personalities aren’t too concerned with timeliness or deadlines (though they do meet them), their stress levels are often lower, as is their risk for heart disease.

Don’t like your personality? Do something about it! Figure out what you’d like to change and take baby steps toward change. Just remember that your personality changes should be with your entire health in mind. Whereas learning to worry less about deadlines is a good idea, you can’t neglect deadlines altogether unless you want your entire life to fall apart.

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