Love Your Job

A few tried and true ways to turn your frown upside down in the workplace.

Work isn’t always supposed to be fun and games. And while you dream of having a job that you love to the point of constant bliss, that probably won’t be a reality for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your job, even during the trying times.

What can you do to up your satisfaction with work on a daily basis? Try this handful of tips on for size and watch your workplace go from a place of dread to somewhere you actually want to be every day.

Make a Decision

Enjoying work during your first few days on the job is often easy. After all, you’re in a new environment and are being challenged to learn your new responsibilities. After a while, however, it can be downright impossible to keep a positive attitude. At least if your attitude isn’t right. To enjoy your work, you must make a conscious decision to do so. Once you decide you’re going to enjoy work, you’re ready for the next tips.

Ask yourself, ‘If all jobs paid $2 an hour, what job would I want to do?’ When you answer that question, start doing it, even if you have to do it for free at first. – Greg Aldrik

Take Ownership

Working anywhere can get tough, especially if you’re responsible for the company’s entire well-being. However, if you’ve ever met the owner of your business, he or she is probably always upbeat and optimistic about the company’s future and the day of work that must get done. Begin thinking of the company as your own company, and you’ll be better able to those same positive can-do feelings that your bosses seem to keep on tap.

Get Perspective

In today’s economy, it is a privilege to have a job of any kind. As Oscar Wilde said, “The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.” If you’re feeling down about your job, take a look at your country’s unemployment statistics. Then remember that your company provides you with money with which you meet the basic needs of survival: food, shelter, and more. You should also realize that regardless of your job, you are making a positive contribution to the world around you. If it weren’t for you, people wouldn’t have nice carpet, access to breaking news, or fast Internet service.

Make Friends

You spend between 8 and 12 hours at work every day. Why not be there alongside your friends? After all, you have to work as a team, and a team that doesn’t get along won’t get much accomplished. Get rid of some of your work-related tension by getting to know your coworkers and bosses on a personal level. You’ll not only understand why they act the way they do, but you’ll also learn to enjoy their company more.

Push Yourself

When you’ve been doing the same job over and over for years on end, it can become tiring. This can even cause you to dislike a lifelong passion. Get yourself out of a rut by finding ways to challenge yourself professionally. It may not result in a promotion and lots more pay, but pushing yourself will spur you to greater personal heights that will pay substantial personal satisfaction dividends.

Write It Out

Work can truly be a drag for those looking at the wrong side of life. Help yourself see how good you’ve got it by writing down all the great things about where you work. Does your boss genuinely try to please you and your fellow workers? Do you get to work flexible hours? Can you leave without question should a family emergency arise? Do you get good benefits? Are there good restaurants nearby? Consider all the perks and keep the list handy for those days when you’d rather be anywhere but at work.

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