Boosting Your Home’s Value

Turn your average home into a valuable asset everyone wants to have.

You want a picture-perfect home that has more value than headaches. So what can you do to get there? Use the spring and summer months to make some much-needed changes to your home. Don’t have patience to wait for the warm months to come around? It doesn’t matter. No matter when you implement these improvements, you’ll get instant payback, whether you choose to remain in your home for 30 more years or sell it to the highest bidder.

Modernize Your Kitchen

Though you may not spend a lot of time hanging out in your kitchen, other folks enjoy standing, talking, and cooking with others. Make other people want to spend time in your kitchen by bringing it up to date. You don’t have to get a fancy garbage disposal, but your kitchen should at least feel fresh, clean, and inviting. Do this by changing the handles on your cabinets, putting up a new backsplash, or if you’re really gutsy, changing the countertops and getting new appliances.

Beautify Your Bathroom

Have an old light fixture you can’t stand or that keeps your bathroom in the 1960s? Change it. Wish your tile wasn’t pink? Remove it or paint it using tile paint. Stuck in a financial crunch and can’t afford to make wholesale changes to your bathroom? Find towels and small rugs that go with the color of your tile, exchange your gaudy light fixture for something simple and cheap, and get any clutter in your bathroom out of there!

Fresh Paint

First impressions matter. It’s been said a million times about a million things, and it holds true to your home’s value-whether real or perceived. In order to help your home go for its maximum value, you should give it a fresh coat of paint on the outside. While you’re at it, repair any damaged soffits, window frames, or other parts of the home. But don’t only paint outside. Because while making your home look nice on the outside will instantly boost your house’s value, the value will plummet if you have beat up walls inside. By painting both the inside and outside, you can be sure your house will provide a nice, clean look to anyone who may drop in for a visit or a showing.

Planting Plants

To go along with your fresh coat of paint, your house value will fare even better if you spruce up the yard a bit. Been thinking about getting rid of those weeds for a while? Do it now! And in their place, plant some flowers, bushes, or small trees. If possible, grab some bricks or other lining material to separate your new growths from the rest of the yard. This protects them from getting injured when you mow the yard and helps bring more attention to their beauty.

Renew Your Driveway

An old driveway is an ugly driveway. Save the day by putting a new finish on it. If your driveway is made of black top, purchase some asphalt sealant and apply it as directed. For concrete driveways, grab a strong power washer and get to work. Before you know it, your driveway will look as great as the rest of your home and will add even more boost to your house’s value.

A Friendly Opinion

So you’ve updated your house, painted it, and put some gorgeous plants in the yard. Yet you feel there is something that still isn’t right. And because you’ve been living there for so long, you can’t put your finger on it.

Figure it out by bringing a friend over for an hour. Ask your friend to walk around the house and note any problems he or she sees with the house. Tell your friend to be brutally honest, and you’ll wind up with an impressive list of items you could do to make your house an even better home. Take action on the list and you’ll have the best house on the block!

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