Let the Exercise Games Begin

Get together with your friends and exercise in a totally new and fun way. You will be competing against your friends in various games and guess what? The losers have to do an exercise, sounds fun doesn’t it?

You will need to have a list of exercises with the number of repetitions, folded into a hat so that you can randomly pick an exercise.

Make sure that you perform your exercises with proper control and do not perform them to fast, this is a race, but the exercises do not count if they are not done with proper form.

Example: Push up 10 – So if this was drawn you would have to do 10 push ups.

Exercise Pong

This game is a game of skill and strategy.


You need some cups of water, a ping pong ball, a list of exercises and a table.


The game is best played with either two people or two teams of two. Arrange the cups of water on either side of the table like you are setting up bowling pins. You should have at least six cups on both sides. Each team takes a turn by trying to get the ping pong ball into the other team’s cups. If they succeed the other teams must drink that cup, pick an exercise out of a hat and perform the number of required reps. The cup is then removed and the rest of the cups are rearranged so that they are close to each other. Each team alternates turns like this. When one team has finished all their cups, the other team has to do an exercise of the winning team’s choice.

Exercise Flip Cup


You need some cups of water, a list of exercises and a table.


You start off with 2 teams of 3 or 4 people on each side of the table. Each person lines there cup in front of them and fills their cup up with water. The two end people will start first…this is a racing game….the 2 starters will then quickly pick up their cups, drink there water and place the cup face down on the table leaving a little bit off the end…they will then use their hands and start flipping there cup until it lands straight up. Once they get there cup up, they then proceed to do their exercise, once they have finished, the next person does the same thing, and so on until the last person of the team has flipped there cup. Only one person at a time on a team can be flipping a cup and they have to make sure that they drank their water, and finished their exercise first before the can start flipping their cup. The losing team then has to do an exercise on the list chosen by the winning team. The point of the game is to see which team ends up having all there cups flipped.

7s and Multiples of 7


You need some cups of water, and a list of exercises.


Everyone takes turns saying numbers in ascending order; however when they reach a number that has 7 in it, or is a multiple of 7 they have to say pass. If they do not say pass then they have to drink their water, and do an exercise of the group’s choice. The game restarts when someone messes up.

Stay Tuned

Check back next time for more Exercise Games.

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